Playground Installation Services

Playground Installation Services


Medley Sports Construction is Central Florida’s certified commercial playground installer.  We partner with some of the most well-known manufacturers in the country, most located here in Central Florida.  

When it comes to Central Florida playground installation, you can rely on Medley Sports Construction to build high quality playgrounds so that you get the best value for your investment.

We Provide Turnkey Site Work and Installations

Playground installation

We are (CPSI) certified playground safety inspectors and work with Ipema certified playgrounds which means we follow all the standard safety protocols when measuring and installing playgrounds and safety surfaces and can perform audits for existing play structures.

We provide turnkey site work and installations for all types of playgrounds and custom play areas. We complete all the site work and have equipment to excavate structure holes, install concrete footers and install playgrounds in house.

Medley Sports Construction is Central Florida’s certified commercial playground installer.


We Work
With You

We work with a variety of clients including schools, city and county agencies, commercial and residential clients in Central Florida. Customer’s looking for a playground can rely on Medley Sports Construction to provide quality playground solutions.

All playgrounds are designed and installed with our team and supplier combined. We help guide our clients with expert planning and provide the correct size playground for their location and budget. Our experienced team can help provide guidance on selecting size and heights and is compliant with requirements.


Private and Public


City and County

Private Sector

Commercial and Residential Projects


When it comes to finding Florida's best sports construction contractor, look no further!
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