aerial image of players on outdoor synthetic turf soccer field

XL Soccer World

aerial image of outdoor synthetic turf soccer field

XL Soccer World

Project Scope

Shade structure installation, synthetic turf installation and site redevelopment for a natural grass soccer field.

Description of Work

We were contracted through XL Soccer World to design/build a custom shade structure for the courtyard patio area, to maintain the indoor and outdoor synthetic turf fields, and to build a synthetic turf soccer field, which is used for adult and kid league soccer extensively.

We were also contracted to design and build a natural grass soccer field and to complete a complete redevelopment of their back two acres for a new, natural-grass soccer field, including a warm up area.

Shade Structure

For this project, we began by performing site work. This required us to excavate footers, supply, build and install specialty rebar cages, and supply and install anchor bolts. We then installed a cantilever shade structure over the newly existing concrete patio courtyard area. 

Maintenance Service

Our team is happy to provide XL Soccer World maintenance to both indoor fields and the outdoor synthetic turf soccer field.

We perform biannual maintenance by cleaning, raking, brushing, vacuuming, blowing and repairing any seams. We use a powerful magnet to pick up metals. Additionally, we use a special groomer to level the turf infill and to ensure the fibers are standing straight, which helps to extend the use of play on the fields.

Synthetic Turf Installation

The artificial turf soccer field required demolition of an existing racquetball court wall and hauling of vegetation. We brought in fill dirt, completed drainage work, concrete sidewalks and curbing around the field, laser grading and synthetic turf base work.

Natural Grass Turf Redevelopment

The natural grass field sits within two acres located at the back for the property, which was overgrown from years of neglect. We completed a full site demolition and cleared the site of trees, and debris. We hauled out more than 60 loads of trees and bushes! 

After removal, we reshaped slopes and added over 4000CY fill dirt. Then we installed drainage pipes around the entire area, which included perforated drain pipes leading into catch basins and ultimately out miter end sections. We performed laser grading, topsoil and grading work and the installation of the natural grass called Latitude 36, the finest grass grown in Florida, along with a USGA topsoil mix to help grass growth.

Our completed work included new fencing around the entire property with 20’ netting above the fence.

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