Sports and Multi-Use Courts

Sports and Multi-Use Court Services


Medley Sports Construction is Central Florida’s lead builder for outdoors courts and sport surfaces. We provide turnkey construction services for all outdoor sport courts including and not limited to, tennis, pickleball, basketball, sand volleyball, bocce, shuffleboard, Bankshot basketball, Cruyff courts, outdoor exercise stations and more! Our team is knowledgeable and offers specialty workmanship. We not only can build the sport court we can also install all the sports equipment such as fencing, net posts, goals, scoreboards, lighting, and curb work. When it comes to Central Florida sport courts construction, we pride ourselves in building top notch courts using only the best quality materials and equipment so that you get the best value for your investment.

Surface Coatings and Striping

Courts for Any Sport

We also supply and install the sport court surface coatings. We have several national brand suppliers, one of which is the preferred coating for the US OPEN! We also apply coating and striping based on each specific court layout.

We can install acrylic sport court coatings, including cushion coatings. We stripe the courts for every outdoor game you can think of. Some of the popular striping includes four-square, tic tac toe, hopscotch, Pop tennis …you name it, we can stripe it!

Site Work

We Perform All Site Work

We self-perform all the specialty site work for sports courts including site clearing, rough grading, drainage installation, finish and laser grading, concrete/asphalt pad installation, surface coating, striping, and installing sports equipment. We specialize in designing and installing drainage systems that include concrete pipe, corrugated and/or perforated pipe. We use field laser-controlled equipment and specialize in grading court areas with single or dual slopes.

We pride ourselves in building top notch courts using only the best quality materials and equipment.


We Work
With You

We work with a variety of clients including schools, city and county agencies, commercial and residential clients. We can help design and build new courts or existing courts that need a face lift. We offer many custom options including custom court and color and logo and emblem design whether it’s an official team, company or school.


Private and Public


City and County

Private Sector

Commercial and Residential Projects

Take a look at some of our projects.

When it comes to finding Florida's best sports construction contractor, look no further!
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