newly installed pergola with tan canvas on top, black picnic tables underneath overtop turf

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Types of Shade Structures

In the sunshine state, shade is an important subject—especially considering that Florida ranks among the top states with the most annual sunshine. Commercial shade structures are an integral part of the design for outdoor venues. 

Shade structures provide the following benefits:

  • Offer Sun Protection
  • Increase Comfort Level Outdoors
  • Increase Time Spent Outside
  • Aesthetics and Branding

Medley Sports Construction is equipped to handle these projects and can provide assistance in determining the best shade for your project and also constructing it. Here’s a quick look at the types of shade structures that are frequently requested.

Shade Sail

Shade sails are composed with fabric tethered to posts, which are then secured to the ground. They’re categorized according to the number of points to which they’re tethered. Commercial shade sails are useful in a variety of applications like parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, swimming pools, parking lots, and common areas.

three yellow triangle sail shades over turf, with blue sky and wispy clouds
yellow cantilever shades with blue trim

Cantilever Shade

Arguably the most universal, the cantilever shade can fit just about anywhere. It offers a low profile, with posts in the back and with the canopy supported by suspension braces. Column obstruction is minimal due to its off-center post design, which leaves more space open underneath. Cantilever shades are great for covered parking, swimming pools, bleachers or other outdoor seating areas and playgrounds.

Hip Shade Structure

Hip shade structures are stable and offer a clean roof with the choice of slanted or straight. The former also offers protection from inclement weather. Hips shades are popular for large areas because they can be joined together, as they come with the option of two or four support columns. Cantilevers are perfect for playgrounds, outdoor seating areas, and swimming pool surroundings.

blue four post shade over rubber play surface
dark green octagonal shade structure over bare ground


Pavilions and shelters are designed to create an indoor/outdoor environment. They are usually light-roofed structures used most often in parks or open spaces. They are perfect for group gatherings, covered eating/table areas, any park signage or monument that you want covered or use it to stand under in the rain!

When you need a shade structure or a pavilion for your new or existing area, Medley Sports Construction is ready to get started. Give us a call at (352) 459-4436.

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