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Sand Volleyball

Thinking of adding sand volleyball to your sports facility this year?  Beach volleyball has become a popular addition to indoor court volleyball and seems to be a new trend in many schools around Central Florida. 

Although the rules and regulations for beach volleyball differ from indoor court volleyball, sand volleyball allows athletes to play the sport they love to play in a different environment.

Beach volleyball is typically played with doubles. There are no specialized positions, only a left and a right side. At the higher levels, one player is dedicated to blocking and one to digging. There is also no attack line; a player may hit the ball from anywhere on their side of the court.

Medley Sports Construction specializes in custom design and builds beach volleyball courts.  These courts are smaller–16m x 8m and are specially designed with logo borders and school colors.  A smaller court ensures that the ball will stay live longer, and rallies will be more entertaining.

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