Bankshot Basketball™ System at green Acres Freedom Park

a One-of-a-Kind Game

May 31, 2021
The unveiling of the bright and cheerful custom sport court known as the Bankshot BasketballTM System was cause for recent celebration at Freedom Park, in the City of Green Acres, Palm Beach County. Our team was excited and proud to have been awarded this project, a unique and one-of-a-kind game built into a park, similar to the Peter Bluesten Park.

About the Game

The Freedom Park Bankshot™ System is a unique basketball game wherein players are competitive against themselves by scoring points on a series of uniquely shaped and placed backboards. It was in 1981 when Reeve Brenner, an ordained Rabbi in Israel, created the initial version of Bankshot Basketball™. After a car accident caused his young cousin to be confined to a wheelchair, he grew inspired by his cousin’s perseverance in the face of many new challenges. This sparked his idea to create an activity that encourages and empowers people of all ability levels, accommodating many differently abled participants including the autistic community, wheelchair participants, and any others that are physically or cognitively challenged.

Rabbi Brenner’s idea to promote play alongside friends, not against friends is becoming widely popular. Florida’s two locations are the newest on the list. Today, there are over 100 permanent Bankshot Basketball™ courts in the United States. Moreover, they are also in Japan, Austria, Germany, China, Italy, Canada, Guam, the Philippines, Israel, Korea, Australia, and South America. We can’t help but wonder where they’ll pop up next!

About the Project

The courts are amazingly efficient as they are only half the size of a tennis court, but they are able to have 80-100 children and/or adults run the course, per hour. For the Freedom Park Bankshot Basketball™ System installation, we provided complete site development for the multipurpose court. 

Site work included excavating existing dirt and bringing in and laying down lime rock for the new base. We were responsible for the court’s custom layout design, including grading points around the site. We ensured the court could fit, be usable, flow with the existing area, drain and play well, and last a long time.

The end-project unveiled is a fully-custom, ADA-compliant court system. It consists of 24 uniquely shaped and brightly colored stations, which we installed from start to finish. The finishing touches included painting the court with multi-layer surface paint and custom hand-painted shapes, numbers, and striping. 

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